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I wish you time

Another year is coming to an end, a new one is approaching. My wish for us all is captured in the words of the German poet Elli Michler – her poem “I wish you time” is a reminder that the way we spend our time on a day-to-day basis, ends up being the way we spend our lives. 

“I don’t wish you all sort of gifts.
I just wish you what most people don’t have:
I wish you the time to be happy and to laugh
and if you use it wisely, you can make something out of it.
I wish you the time for your actions and reflections,
time not only for yourself, but also to give away to others.
I wish you the time – not to hustle and run
but the time to be content.
I wish you the time – not to simply let it pass
I wish that you have enough time to be amazed and to trust,
and not simply to look at the watch.
I wish you the time to reach for the stars
and the time to grow, to mature
I wish you the time to hope and to love
It makes no sense to postpone this time.
I wish you the time to find yourself
to see happiness in each day and each hour.
I wish you the time also to forgive.
I wish you the time to live.” – Elli Michler (1923-2014)

The relation we have with time frames our actions, dreams, hopes and fears. Most of us are slaves of time, we feel like there is never enough, and we are often trapped in the past, anxious about the future and incapable of being present to what is. Working with burnout, trauma and resilience, and through my own personal life challenges, I’m learning to appreciate the importance not just of time, but of quality time  – at work, with loved ones, in life. 

For these holidays and for 2018 I wish us all time, quality time.

Warmest wishes,



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