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Working Together to Build Resilience and Prevent Burnout in your Organisation

“Institutional change and community empowerment can only happen when staff needs and priorities are properly attended to” (from the manager of a nonprofit organisation in Palestine)

Remember: burnout is a problem of the organisation as a system, not simple of one individual who works too much. With this in mind I support organisations in the creation of work environments that promote staff health and resilience. 

Here’s what I do:

RESEARCH, ASSESS and EVALUATE organisational needs to design comprehensive staff care interventions 

DESIGN, LEAD and FACILITATE staff care interventions

COACH, MENTOR and SUPERVISE managers and senior staff

I don’t run any standard training (just google: “why training at work doesn’t work” to know why). Working on crafting a healthy organisational culture needs more than a workshop.

I tailor all my interventions and believe that what transforms people in organisations are inspiring ideas based on sound research, turned into practical solutions. 

To discuss potential work together please email info@mindfulnext.org outlining what you/your organisation need, the location, the type of intervention required and what are the desired outcomes. Rates vary depending on the nature and length of the job.

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