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The Idealist’s Survival Kit. 75 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout. My book to help aid workers, humanitarians, activists, volunteers and frontline staff of all sorts to keep sane back home and in the field. Published 27 December, 2016 by Parallax Press. Read the foreword by Hugo Slim (Head of Policy, ICRC).


Burnout and Organizational Mindfulness, a conversation with Tana Paddock from Organization Unbound, 3 October, 2017.

An Idealist’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout, interview with Amy Costello on her popular podcast Tiny Spark, 17 March, 2017.

Opinion: For aid workers, is burnout part of the job description?, Devex, 7 March 2017

Preventing Burnout in the New Era. How do you avoid burnout while engaged in activism and social change? in Psychology Today, February 6, 2017

Work: it’s time for a new year’s revolution, in Open Democracy, 9 January 2017.

Interviews with Brilliant Women – Alessandra Pigni, in Hermosas Chispas, 18 December 2016.

How to Prevent Burnout in Aid Work, in Getting development right: Fresh and frank voices in ending poverty (ebook), Published on May 18, 2016 by WhyDev.

“No, you can’t ‘be the change’ alone”, in Transformation at Open Democracy, 31 July 2015

Why We Dev with Alessandra Pigni: Staff care, burnout & more, Interview with WhyDev, 22 May 2015

Psychologists stay home: Nepal doesn’t need you on Irin News, 11 May 2015 (in Arabic too here)

Protecting the Humanitarian Individual: Mindfulness and Self-Care in Humanitarian Action, The Individualisation of War blog, a project by the European University Institute, 29 April 2015

Finding Mindfulness and Self-care, Interview with Aidpreneur (where I discuss how self-care is not enough and mindfulness is just one way to personal health & meaning, so I’m not sure about the title), April 2015.

Building resilience and preventing burnout among aid workers in Palestine: a personal account of mindfulness based staff care, in Intervention, July 2014 – Volume 12 – Issue 2 – pp. 231–239

How to prevent burnout in aid work on WhyDev, April 2014

Organizations as communities: lessons from Deir Mar Musa in Syria on Transformation at Open Democracy, 24 March 2014

Practising mindfulness at the checkpoint on Transformation at Open Democracy, 17 July 2013

Interview on staff care with People in Aid, People in Aid, July 2012

Mindfulness brings relief to humanitarian workers, Mindful.org, 2012

A First-Person Account of Using Mindfulness as a Therapeutic Tool in the Palestinian TerritoriesJournal of Child and Family Study (2010) 19:152–156

And this is from my work before aid:

Symbolic communication and silence in an informal interpersonal helping process (extract from the film Chocolat by Lasse Hallström), in Psychodynamic Practice: Individuals, Groups and Organisations, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2006.




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