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How to overcome “humanitarian” burnout

Burnout is a serious problem among frontline professionals, nevertheless it is often misunderstood and its impact minimized. What causes burnout? How does it differ from PTSD? I discussed these issues with WhyDev and Devex, below are the links to the interviews.

Recognising the signs of burnout and the difference between burnout and PTSD.

Exploring what can be done to prevent and overcome burnout: self-care and organisational mindfulness.

When aid workers ask for help — still a sign of weakness? Discussing with Devex what kind of staff care really matters.

A little human kindness can make a big difference

A little human kindness can make a big difference


Organizations as Communities and the Story of Father Paolo, a frontline priest kidnapped in Syria in July 2013 by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

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