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Disruptive reflections from 2014

My favourite reflections of 2014 – not all about humanitarian stuff, or mindfulness, or burnout. Because to think and act outside the box we need to read outside the box.

We are lucky, it’s really not unusual in the humanitarian sector to come across a lot of interesting, “unconventional” and “disruptive” thinking online or when chatting with do-gooders over a drink. So I’m a bit surprised to see that little of that critical thinking translates into “disruptive action”, if that makes sense…

Well, until then, here it is in random order (though #1 is really my favourite) 11 meaningful, useful, and witty posts from 2014:


1. “For the disruptors” by Jennifer Lentfer

2. The myth of the field by J.

3. Asking why by Seth Godin

4. Don’t rock the boat by Laura Kalbarg

5. Swot hack by Rachel Griner

6. The Inner Journey of the Changemaker by Geraldine Hepp and Roshan Paul

7. Fascinating Observations of Life in the West by an Iraqi Anthropologist by Karl Sharro

8. Mindfulness is political by Vishvapani

9. Learning organization #fail: Save The Children’s PR to defend Blair is another mistake by Tobias Denskus

10. Consensus is the death of development innovation and here’s why by David Humphries


So my query is: now that we are all more informed, critical, and aware, what’s next? A relevant question unless we want to end up like this (nope, it doesn’t matter if you are not a Western journalist, and yes #11 is another wonderful reflection by @KarlreMarks).


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3 Responses to Disruptive reflections from 2014

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  3. Alessandra, thank you. Loved your recap of 2014 inspiring Blogs. Great question to us all — now that we are more informed, critical, and aware, what’s next? Makes me want to focus my energy and commit to action behind social innovation.

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