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Aid to Zen: Q – Qigong

This post is part of Aid to Zen – A Quick Guide to Surviving Aid Work from A to Z by Alessandra Pigni.


The term qigong is not part of “aidspeak“, so let me introduce you to a practice that can help you to restore your energy and bring some calm even in the most difficult situations. Shibashi is a gentle and simple form of qigong made up of 18 movements.

It’s like a dance, a soothing ritual.

The sequence I follow is just over 20 minutes and it makes for a perfect mindfulness session with movements. Not sure what it is but I feel more gracious and light after I do it. Here’s a video for you to try it out.


To avoid internet disruptions you can download the video and have it on your phone or laptop, so no matter where you are you’ll have a breathing space with you.

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