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Aid to Zen: I – Isolation

This post is part of Aid to Zen – A Quick Guide to Surviving Aid Work from A to Z by Alessandra Pigni.


Isolation is one of the words that comes to mind when I think about being an aid worker. It’s not simply about living in remote places, it’s more the mental alienation and the sense of being abandoned by institutions that purport “to care”.

Isolation. My mind runs to Syria, to the White Helmets now nominated for the Nobel Peace Price. Their example is humbling and inspiring.

Isolation. My thoughts go to those aid workers who try and keep safe while they receive little protection. The tragic events in South Sudan come to mind.

Isolation. My deepest respect goes to those who choose to speak out, maybe alone and unsupported.

Today is World Humanitarian Day: here’s a petition to make your voice heard. And below is a poem, to break the isolation.

robert frost

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